Crib Sheet from the Ukraine

Our team has just returned from an exciting and inspiring journey. A journey that has given us much to think about. Our crew spent nine days filming in Kiev and in eastern Ukraine.

Why in Ukraine of all places?
The current conflict there has more to do with the energy revolution than meets the eye. Our thesis is that the situation in Ukraine could be significantly improved if the country had more renewable energy at its disposal. Ukraine would be less dependent on natural gas and could not be pressured as much by supply shortages. With electrical power and heating from renewable sources Ukraine could become self-reliant.
In recent years the people of Ukraine have repeatedly suffered the effects of politically motivated energy supply cuts — these days they are suffering under what has turned into a political and military standoff. We have met people who are torn as to whether they should stay and risk falling victim to this conflict or whether to pack up their belongings and flee their country.
These encounters have touched us. We see renewable energy as an opportunity to bring peace to this country and to give it more stability. This is why we felt the need to film here and to address Ukraine’s current crisis in the context of this film.
Our dedicated local producer put us in touch with inspiring visionaries who are passionately supporting the development of renewable energy in Ukraine, despite the difficult political situation there. Our producer found the perfect filming locations for us.


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