We started Software-Konzern_Collage the week with an insight into the changes taking place in the offices of a large software developer. The company has introduced some clever innovations to improve the personal work environment for its staff and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Large ventilators blow cold air into a huge room packed with hundreds of computers. This server room consumes energy every second of the day for each MB stored here. Our team wants to find out if it’s possible to operate such a server room in a sustainable way. In what way can Apps help us lead more sustainable lives? We uncover interesting new developments in the abstract world of bits and bytes.

Impressive pictures of a former oil tank

Speicher_CollageWill our energy grid really collapse if there is too much wind? Critics often raise this fear, but it’s a myth that can easily be dispelled. Surplus energy from renewables can be stored or harnessed in many ways. For example, by using immersion heaters to produce warm water for district heating networks. As we enter a huge water storage facility our team is in awe of the fundamental change that has taken place here. A former oil storage site is soon to be used to store water, which can be heated up with surplus energy from renewable power sources.

Renewable energy at dusk

Windmills are an aesthetic symbol of change, as our camera team proved during a shoot just before sundown. Capturing these images wasn’t easy. Stuck in congestion on the Autobahn we almost missed our window of opportunity to film in this magical light. Thankfully our team does some last minute online research to direct us to the most impressive wind park along our route.


Power to Gas – We film the largest P2G facility in Germany PowerToGas_Collage

The dawn of a new energy system: Power to Gas is the new technology that converts electrical power into a gas fuel by means of electrolysis. We visited Germany’s biggest P2G facility. We are allowed to climb on top of the methanization plant and are happy to know that it’s been turned to stand-by mode for the duration of our filming. In this futuristic setting methane is turned into hydrogen. We wonder if such plants will be a common feature in every city one day? Will we be able to pump ecologically produced methane gas into our existing gas pipelines in future?


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