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Here we put together a list of different international press critiques and press reviews of POWER TO CHANGE – The EnergyRebellion.


Press reviews


MOVIES CH, 20.10.2016

NATURSCHUTZ CH, 14.06.2016


LEBENSART, 10.11.2016


Le Monde, 10.01.2017

Futura Sciences, Jean-Luc Goudet, 10.01.2017


Press critiques

„POWER TO CHANGE encourages for a future with renewable energies.“


“A revelation – also for those who are deeply connected to the energy question.“ epd Film


The film is a source for reflection on future developments, providing a variety of opportunities for everyone in order to take action.” Süddeutsche Zeitung EXTRA


“Galvanising, in the best sense of Hollywood”  LeMonde – Noémie Luciani


“Outstanding images on shocking topics (…) More than a wake-up call. An essential catalogue of solutions. Absolutely worth seeing and being shared. Let´s revolutionize!”


“Renewable energy in the hands of citizens […] an amazing documentary” Futura Sciences


It is amazing, how much technological input Fechner invests, how elaborately the film is staged and choreographed and how articulately computer-generated elements are incorporated. Stuttgarter Zeitung


“The film injects energy. […] Power to Change provides factual material and arguments that propose solutions and answers to opponents of the energy revolution.” consoGlobe


“Carl Fechner is a powerful advocate for the rapid implementation of this revolution.” – Georges Lévêque


“A film that puts an end to apocalyptic scenarios and theoretical discussions about the feasibility of transition: entertaining, amusing, fascinating and without moralising.” Enercoop Languedoc-Roussillon


“…considers the transition to renewable energies to be a factor of universal peace as shown by the Ukrainian example.” Sciences & Avenir – Loïc Chauveau


“In addition to being intelligible and didactic in its subject, Power To Change leaves well-trodden paths in offering new and exciting perspectives in documentary film that ballies with the idea of a pulsating techno-thriller.” First – François Rieux


“Optimistic Doc” StudioCiné Live – L.D.


“In line with Demain by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion” Fiches de Cinéma – D.C.



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