Turning a modern suburb of Heidelberg into a film set

A young helper on our set, living in a small community that’s the largest passive house estate in the world

On our first day of shooting we met André and his parents and were able to document their move into their new home. The 7-year old André was at first shy but then watched the work of our film team with great interest. He had plenty of questions for our cameraman and listened carefully to our sound recordist. We in turn had our own questions for the new residents of Bahnstadt: 10.000 people will live here in future and some 7.000 will work here. And all of this in passive houses. It’s an example of innovative urban planning, as these homes consume just 10 to 15 percent of the energy needed to heat conventional homes. The architectural concept of this estate is also a good example for modern living. Green courtyards connect the houses and create common spaces. Children can play safely in front of their homes on bicycles, skateboards and scooters, as there are hardly any cars in Bahnstadt. A communal atmosphere to replace the anonymity of the big city.

However, André was able to drive quite a special vehicle, our camera dolly. His parents showed us their new home, which is close to the city centre, energy efficient and green. With perfect sunshine we were able to capture this community in the best possible light. Soon it was time for our assistant director to shout “cut”. For our team it was a wrap and for André a great experience!

Dreh in der Heidelberger Bahnstadt

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