The CHANGE-COMMUNITY – Together for a citizen’s energy revolution

„A social vision can be implemented, if it is supported by just five per cent of the people, as long as they have passion and perseverance.” (Hermann Scheer)

It takes courage to bring about change. With Carl-A. Fechner’s first cinema documentary THE 4. REVOLUTION – ENERGY AUTONOMY we were able to make a start. We showed that reversal of our current energy policy is necessary. We showed that everyone can play a part! Throughout Germany people came to see the film and attended many different events to raise awareness for the issue. The Energy Autonomy Community has grown and the message has reached hundreds of thousands.

Now we use this network and the power of passionate supporters to promote our latest cinema documentary POWER TO CHANGE – The EnergyRebellion. Together with passionate supporters we ensure that the film reaches the largest possible audience in local theaters, where screenings are followed by public debates and spurn political action. Until now over 339 event partners supported the premiere in German theatres (March 2016) through a diverse range of activities: public discussions with the director and local activists, bicycle tours, musical input by bands and many more.

If you would like to use the film to reach people in your country and initiate public discussions, which are perhaps not yet taking place, please don’t hesitate to fill in the contact form below or contact us. We are happy to speak to you and support you!

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