Dear distributors,


POWER TO CHANGE is open for international distribution!
We wish to spread the word about the transformation to 100% renewable energies. A decentralized energy system is possible!


For this great vision we seek YOU as our distributor!


Some facts about POWER TO CHANGE (May 2017):


  • crowdfunded by hundreds of motivated companies, energy providers and people
  • most seen political cinema documentary in Germany 2016
  • already screened in half of German cities with a theatre
  • tens of thousands of people reached
  • promoted by 351 event partners
  • our director visited 108 cities in Germany for discussions after the screening
  • great accompanying events happened
  • thousands of school children watched our movie


Please contact us for a screener and further details.


Our distributors so far


Distributor: Change Filmverleih
Booking & Billing: kinostar
Release: March 17th 2016


Distributor: JUPITER
Range: all french-speaking countries
Release: January 11th 2017


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