Press clippings

Here we put together a list of different international press critiques and articles of POWER TO CHANGE.


“More than a wake-up call. An essential catalogue of solutions. Unification France


“Renewable energy in the hands of citizens […] an amazing documentary” Futura Sciences


“Awesome” BioContact


“The film injects energy. […] Power to Change provides factual material and arguments that propose solutions and answers to opponents of the energy revolution.” consoGlobe


“Carl Fechner is a powerful advocate for the rapid implementation of this revolution.” – Georges Lévêque


“A film that puts an end to apocalyptic scenarios and theoretical discussions about the feasibility of transition: entertaining, amusing, fascinating and without moralising.” Enercoop Languedoc-Roussillon


“Galvanising, in a quasi Hollywoodian sense” The World – Noémie Luciani


“…considers the transition to renewable energies to be a factor of universal peace as shown by the Ukrainian example.” Sciences & Avenir – Loïc Chauveau


“A powerful advocacy for the rapid implementation of this revolution.” – Georges Lévêque


“In addition to being intelligible and didactic in its subject, Power To Change leaves well-trodden paths in offering new and exciting perspectives in documentary film that ballies with the idea of a pulsating techno-thriller.” First – François Rieux


“Optimistic Doc” StudioCiné Live – L.D.


“In the line of Demain by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion” Fiches de Cinéma – D.C.


“Outstanding images on shocking topics (…) More than a wake-up call. An essential catalogue of solutions. Absolutely worth seeing and being shared. Let´s revolutionize!”

As translator

As we are looking forward to distribute our film internationally, we are searching for support to translate the following materials:


Eventpartner-Handbook, Event formular, International Guideline, Film- Subtitles and Overvoice


Subtitles are available in English, French, Farsi, Polish and Spanish. 

In preparation: Czech, Italian, Romanian

Open for translation: all other language versions


Please feel free to contact Viviane Meyer regarding a cooperation or sponsoring. 




phone: 0049/ 7462 923 92 13


Become our country partner

We are searching for motivated people from all over the world.

Our mission:
100% renewable energies
Our tool: POWER TO CHANGE- the Energy Rebellion
Our path
: event campaigns in many countries of the world

This is how you can get involved:

We are planning a competence training to train future country partners. Several country partners per country are welcomed. As we were leading the event campaigns for The 4th Revolution-EnergyAutonomy and POWER TO CHANGE- the Energy Rebellion we can offer you our support and experience.


The training will include workshops about following aspects:


1) Event campaigning
– Background information
– Learnings from successful campaigns
– Networking with other country partners, NGOs, activists even throughout country borders

2) Film industry
– Research on film industry in your country: distributors, festivals, VOD, theatres etc.
– How do the people in your country watch documentaries?

3) Political Situation
– Research on renewable energy situation in your country
– What are the stake holders and their goals?

3) Organizing the campaign in your country
– Setting goals and mile stones
– Choosing various strategies to find event partners
– Getting personal and financial support
– Using Social Media
– …

The goal of the training will be to enable the POWER TO CHANGE-country partners to lead a well-structured and successful “100% renewable energy” campaign in their countries with this forward-looking cinema documentary.

If you are interested to become active in this energy transition-campaign in your country by
– organizing
– participating in
– sponsoring or
– advertising
the workshop please contact us. We will connect you with other activists.


We have already country partners in Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. Nevertheless, everybody can get involved to make the change happen!