Carl-A. Fechner is a qualified educator, journalist, filmmaker and producer.
After two years as the managing director of a touring theatre group, the Berliner Compagnie, and a short stint as a foreign correspondent for Germany’s public broadcaster ARD, he founded fechnerMEDIA GmbH in 1989.

For 25 years the company has been promoting examples of sustainable living and has won numerous international awards for its documentary films, PR campaigns and crossmedia projects. After producing more than 50 TV documentaries, Fechner produced his first cinema documentary in 2010 called THE 4TH REVOLUTION – ENERGY AUTONOMY.

A winner of the European Solarprize and the B.A.U.M.-Environmental prize, Carl-A. Fechner has long been advocating the need for fundamental change.
As the managing director of fechnerMEDIA GmbH he is responsible for the content and artistic direction of the films and media campaigns. Carl-A. Fechner lives in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg together with his wife and his children.

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