The demolition of a nuclear power plant – a dream comes true

The bulldozers plough their way through tons of concrete and steel. The power plant has been reduced to a huge mountain of rubble. 10 percent of it is radioactive and must be discarded of separately. Some 60.000 tons are safe enough to reuse. The question is what for? The answer is simple. The rubble from the old power station must be used sustainably in a way that will facilitate the production of renewable energy. This new form of energy is plentiful and on particularly sunny or windy days it can provide more energy than is needed , but it also means greater fluctuation. Therefore new energy storage solutions are needed to capture the surplus at peak times in order to ensure a constant and reliable supply. The development of new pumped-storage power plants is one solution and marks a milestone in the development of renewables. How the rubble of former nuclear power plants may be used to the same effect will be revealed in our film POWER TO CHANGE – The EnergyRebellion.

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