We start shooting POWER TO CHANGE – The EnergyRebellion!

We’ve finally begun the film shoot for our new cinema documentary POWER TO CHANGE – The EnergyRebellion. After two years of pre-production with extensive research, intensive scripting and careful planning with our Berlin-based cameraman, we’ve captured the first scenes. A four-month shoot lies ahead, which will take us to many places in Germany, but also Japan, England, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. We are proud to be able to produce our film with a professional team of nine and the right technology for a big screen production.

But the size of our team and the use of such sophisticated camera technology, which allows us to film in 4K resolution, also brings with it new challenges. The first shots, however, prove that the extra effort is well worth it. We look forward to being able to further improve the image quality and set a new aesthetic standard that surpasses even our last cinema documentary the 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy.

We spent the first week of shooting in Berlin. The German capital is home to many large residential high-rises built in the 80ies that waste huge amounts of energy and are uneconomical to maintain. As part of a test project one of the largest high-rise estates in the capital is now being refurbished. One of the main requirements of the energy transition is that we reduce our energy consumption. The film therefore aims to show how everyone can contribute to this. We therefore filmed a project where long-term unemployed people are trained to become energy efficiency consultants. One of our protagonists has visited more than 270 families, advising them on how to cut their energy costs and by reducing their consumption. What kind of savings can be achieved by modifying our use of electrical appliances?

But we also look at the power saving potential in new housing construction. Did you know that 8 per cent of our worldwide Co² emissions stem from the use of concrete? Berlin, a concrete jungle. We capture impressive 360° panoramic shots of the city by driving and filming in a convertible. After a successful first week, we are now in the middle of the second week and filming the latest Power to Gas and Power to Heat technologies. We’re curious and will keep you posted.

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